Let me introduce Kelly and Khamla. They are passionnate about education and the arts. Chatting in their colourful kindergarden in Vientiane, where I volunteered for a month, they shared their passion with me. As well as their work in Vientiane, they are enabling access to education in decent conditions in two villages in the native province of Khamla. I hope you enjoy the second episode of the optimisticians, which is filled with laughter. (Sorry about the quality of the audio: I did the recording in a room with a lot of echoes!)

You can find out more about the kindergarden on this website and learn more about Tukata foundation on this website.

“At Tukata we educate the whole child, so we educate the heart, the hands and the head.”

“The two things that are important to us is creativity and a respect for nature […] I want the little kid to learn to appreciate nature now so that as they grow older, they will still have a good foundation and respect for nature.”

“I don’t think money equals happiness. I think happiness is having family, you know, I think having enough so that you can be able to take care of your basic needs.”

Beginning and end credits by Lvov