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The Optimisticians (EN) – Jeronimo – Echos de la colline

Efecto Colmena (which means ‘efect beehive’) is a mexican non profit organization working to preserve and rescue bees in the area of Mexico city. In the first part of the episode you will follow Jesus and Roberto during a the impressive rescuing operation of a beehive that has to be relocated in order to be preserved. In the article, you can see pictures taken during the operation at dawn. The beekeeper Jesus was working with the help of Roberto to temporarily place the beehive in a box for transport. And in the second part you will listen to Jeronimo, the founder of the association which you see in the first picture below explaining about the project.

You can find out more about Efecto Colmena and maybe sign a petition in favour of the protection of the bees on their website and have a look on their facebook page.

Beekeeper is an occupation that is getting lost. Everyday there is less beekeepers. Whenever somebody wants to learn and do it, it’s great.

Jeronimo (Photo credit: Cindy Gallegos)

We’ve been doing education and going to schools and talking about the importance of pollinators.

“There is a lot of news with the collapse syndrom. (…) People have been doing so much studying about the situation. We now know so many things about bees.

There are a lot of people that should be happy but are not, I think it has to do with how you take things and your perspective on things – when you really are comfortable and in tune with your purpose.

Beginning and end credits by Lvov.

Music during the episode:

Title: Soul Blue Tango
Composer: Mounika
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Title: Guazu
Composer: Guazu
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